The truth about Ranu Mandal’s makeup photo came out, know what the reality is

By | November 20, 2019
Ranu Mandal, who made an appearance on social media, is once again in discussions, but this time, not for his song but for his makeup. Ranu Mandal took to social media for some kind of mimic on the composition, and people were very troll. What is unique is that the news about Ranu Mandal was the most viewed and searched on the Internet. The number of people searching for it on Google was growing.

The photo of Ranu Mandal’s makeup is going on on social media is from Kanpur. Here, Ranu Mandal, a salon operator, called for the launch of a new branch of his salon, but the photo of Ranu wearing makeup has been revealed on social media. Has arrived. The photo of Ranu’s face is very glamorous in the picture, which is going viral.

After the photo of Ranu Mandal makeup went viral on social media, the salon has been getting a lot of talk in Kanpur. Still, it was not liked by the salon operators as it was affecting its seediness. Ranu Mandal has also been trolled before this. A video of her refusing to take a selfie at a shop in Kolkata is also going viral.

Ranu Mandal, who has been spreading the sensation on social media this time, is impressed by his unique makeup. She is being trolled by taking a photo with her makeup on. The makeup artist, seeing the worsening of the matter, said that the picture that was going viral was not right.

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