Covid-19: Not only humans but also many species of animals can come in the grip of corona, study reveals

By | August 24, 2020
University of California (UC) in the US – A new study by Davis scientists has claimed that several species of animals may be vulnerable to the Corona epidemic. According to the study, humans are not the only species to face the potential risk of coronavirus causing Kovid-19 disease. Many species of animals are also at great risk.

According to the study, several critically endangered species such as western gorillas, orangutans and black langurs with white hair on the cheeks may be susceptible to infection with the virus. Marine mammals such as gray whales and bottlenose dolphins as well as Chinese hamsters are also at high risk of the virus.

Scientists said a moderate risk was found in domestic animals in cats, cattle and sheep, while there is a lower risk for dogs, horses and pigs. The scientists used genomic analysis to compare the structure of ACE-2 receptor proteins. Which uses the coronavirus to enter the cells of 410 different species of amphibians, reptiles and mammalian vertebrate organisms, including fish.

According to a study published in a journal called PNAS, ACE-2 is commonly found in many different types of cells and tissues, including cells that cover the outer layer of the nose, mouth, and lungs. The study’s lead author, Harris Levine, said, “We hope it will induce reactions that protect both animal and human health during the epidemic.”

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