Ahmedabad / SIT seizes 43 tablet-14 laptops from Nityanand’s ashram, arresting Principal of DPS and Manager of Pushpak City

By | November 21, 2019
  • DPS Principal Hiteshpuri Collector registered for crime
  • Pushpak City Manager Bakul Thakkar leases rent to Paresh Patel
  • Items including SITA-occupied mobile and pen drive will be shipped to FSL

Ahmedabad: The SIT, which is investigating the case of allegedly abducting children and missing girls at the Nityanand Ashram near the elephant, was investigating at the ashram today. During the investigation, the Special Investigation team seized 43 tablets, 14 laptops, 4 mobiles, including a pen drive. All these captured items will be sent to the FSL to investigate promotional activities. As well as Dysp KT. According to Kamriya, Dites (Hirapur) Principal Hitesh Puri and Pushpakshiti manager Bakul Thakkar have been arrested for leasing space to Nityanand Ashram.

Examine how DPS leases land: CBSE

Also, CBSE wrote a letter to the state government education department and asked to examine how the DPS gave the land lease. How to give land without the approval of the board?

The DPS Principal has been charged with breach of Collector’s Declaration

In this connection, the DPS School, which is under suspicion, canceled the contract for CSR activity with Ashram. In addition, Calorex Foundation canceled the lease and gave notice of evacuation of the monastery on the DPS campus within three months and the decision was taken to cancel the enrollment of 24 children of the ashram who were studying in the DPS school. The DPS Principal Hitesh Puri has been charged with violating the Collector’s Declaration at Vivekanandnagar Police Station for not reporting to the police station while renting the Ashram.

Paresh Patel named the contract for the three houses rented in Pushpak City

When the three houses of Pushpak City, rented by the Ashram, a rent contract was signed in the name of Paresh Patel. Pushpak City Manager Bakul Thakkar leased the house to Paresh Patel.
Also, nothing has been done at the police station, which has been registered at Vivekanandnagar police station.

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