Actress Kamya is going to Punjabi to marry boyfriend Shalabh Dang

By | September 3, 2019
Popular actress Kamya Punjabi is going to tie up with her boyfriend Shalabh Dang on a wedding treatise. Which has just been revealed. It may be mentioned that Kamya Punjabi confessed his relationship with Mulbha Dag in September 2019.

At that time, the relationship of both became official. Kamya Punjabi had been preparing to marry Mulabh for a long time. But he did not disclose the date.

Then the discussion has been shared on social media by Kamya Punjabi. In which he wrote in the caption that this is my favorite photo and favorite man. I’m going to do a special date anniversary today. It is February 10, 2020, both of us wishing and blessings for this new beginning.

Apart from this, Kamya Punjabi says that a concert of turmeric and music is being held on February 9. When the grand party will be held on February 11. It is worth mentioning that Kamya Punjabi’s first marriage was with businessman Bunty Negi in 2003. But after 10 years for some reason, both were separated and divorced.

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